As an Animal Attorney, I use the tools of our legal system to give animals a voice.

Animal Law includes any type of legal action, whether it be transactional or litigation, that effects the rights, standing and/or welfare of an animal. It is a relatively new area of the law with evolving pro-animal case and statutory law. This makes this field challenging, yet exciting. It gives me the chance to create change and make a positive mark in the world.

I represent animal owners, homeowners associations, landlords/tenants, rescue organizations, disabled handlers/partners, groomers, veterinarians, pet stores, and dog trainers - all focused on issues involving animals.

Animal Law varies from:

  • Litigation issues

    • incidents of wrongful death

    • veterinarian medical malpractice

    • landlord-tenant disputes

    • breed-based discrimination

    • disability rights

    • service and emotional support animals

    • animal activist Constitutional Rights protections

    • purchase disputes

    • nuisance and noise abatement issues

    • disputes over custody and adoption


  • Transactional issues

    • drafting contracts for rescue organizations

    • drafting estate planning documents

    • facilitating non-profit organizational governance and incorporation for non-profits that specialize in the preservation and defense of animals

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